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Principal Little

Dear Roosevelt STAY Family,

I am truly blessed and honored to be the Principal of Roosevelt STAY Opportunity Academy. As I look back over what was accomplished in the last three years, I instantly become energetic and excited about what we can accomplish this year and beyond. I am tremendously committed to having a positive impact on all students that walk through the doors of Roosevelt STAY by providing them with an extreme learning experience. The families of Roosevelt STAY can rest assure that all students will receive a high quality education, that is both equitable and culturally responsive in delivery and practice, and that meets all social and emotional needs. It is our goal that all students are college and career ready after leaving our institution. To ensure this, emphasis will be placed on increased academic expectations, higher standards for teacher performance, and building a stronger culture and community.

It is with pleasure that I share a couple of the exciting programs and opportunities we have here at Roosevelt STAY. Roosevelt STAY will be offering a unique educational experience through a web based platform called Summit Learning. This platform provides a personalized learning experience that meets the students where they are and takes them beyond their own expectation. Another program we offer is Dangers of the Mind (DOM). DOM is a unique platform that addresses the social and emotional needs of our students. It dives deep into their life experiences allowing them to break free from life' challenges and bringing vision to new perspectives and opportunities. These are just two of the great programs that will be expanded this year for our students.

The challenges are real, however it is our duty as a staff, as a community, and as a family to take these challenges and turn them into opportunities for our students to be great. I am looking forward to working with you all as we continue the work to educate for greatness.

Please peruse our website o learn more about the school and all of the amazing programs we offer. School hours are 9:00am - 4:20pm on Mondays - Thursdays and 9:00am -12:45pm on Fridays.


DeWayne Little

Roosevelt STAY Opportunity Academy, Principal

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Vision: For students in DC Public Schools for whom traditional education is not the right fit deserve both second chances and multiple pathways to success. All Opportunity Academies will offer:
  • Individualized academic programming through Summit Personalized Learning;
  • A robust college exposure and success component;
  • The introduction of competency-based learning to take the place of traditional seat hours;
  • Activities that extend beyond the walls of the building and allow students to use the world around them;
  • Opportunities for career and technical training and on-ramps to meaningful careers;
  • And more!

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